Primorsky region, Russia

About APSC

Asia Pacific Seafood Company (APSC) was established in 2017 to implement the commercial activity of cultivating scallops and sea cucumber. It is a modern enterprise with its own technology of commercial farming of shellfish. APSC’s first harvest of live scallops is scheduled for 2020. Read More >


far eastern scallop

Mizuhopecten yessoensis

The biggest species of scallops and also the tastiest one. At the age of 2.5-3 years the size of its shell may reach 8-12 cm.

far eastern
sea cucumber

Apostichopus japonicus

Famous for its miraculous qualities. It is widely used in both food and medicine.

Crenomytilus grayanus

Crenomytilus grayanus

One of the most widespread shellfish in Primorsky region, APSC plans to start cultivating mussels in 2020.

Eco Tourism

In 2019 APSC starts the construction of a waterfront leisure camp to promote eco-tourism, nature protection and preservation. APSC considers this an essential part of its mission. The project includes five houses and one restaurant with live seafood.

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